AGERA® peels

AGERA® peels

AGERA® peels

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Why are AGERA® peels revolutionary?

AGERA® formula is changing the aesthetic industry with the development of new skin peels that are revolutionary in their effectiveness without the normal skin discomfort and down time usually associated with peels.

AGERA® has developed a combination of peels that contain anhydrous (without water) materials that can penetrate deeply into the skin without causing any significant irritation. These materials can be activated by adding cold water, which immediately switches the peel on.

This is distinctly unique from peels such as those that just contain glycolic, which simply burn their way down through the upper layers.

♦Another unique feature is that Microdermabrasion can be performed immediately after AGERA® Peels; same day same appointment.

Benefits of Agera® clinical peels

●10 years solid medical research

● Rapid Penetration / Low Irritation/ Gentle Peeling/ Sterilising action

● Maximum cell proliferation on fibroblast (collagen and elastin)

● Work in concert with Microdermabrasion and Photo-rejuvenation (IPL)

● May be layered

● Non glycolic

● Treat full range of indications – Acne, Anti-Ageing and Pigmentation

● Hydroquinone -free pigment suppressors

● No home skin care preparation needed pre peels

● Deeply penetrating – potential to reach the reticular dermis without any downtime or discomfort because of anhydrous materials

● Combinations of Vitamin C (L`ascorbic Acid), Alpha Hydroxy (lactic acid), Beta Hydroxy (salicylic acid) and Poly Hydroxy (citric acid) used in multi layered peeling process

AGERA® does not contain any animal extracts and only utilises perfumes, essential oils or botanical/plant extracts that have proven medical findings for potent desensitising properties or benefits with no potential for causing irritation or allergy on human skin.