If you dream of healthy skin, Dermalogica Facials are the solution.

No matter the problems you are facing with your skin, we’re sure that with any Dermalogica facials you can say bu-bye to bad skin, and hello to a new glow.

Dermalogica really needs no introductions. Since 1986, when it was founded, the company has grown to become one of (if not THE) leading professional skin care brand recognized all over the world. What sets them apart from the other brands is the particular focus on skin therapy, solving skin issues with personalized treatments.

We’re proud to announce that we now offer a variety of Dermalogica’s very own skin treatments and facials in our salon, as well as stocking their skincare products. After a facial treatment it is vitally important to continue with your skincare routine at home, to continue its benefit and ensure your skin stays fabulous.

Each Dermalogica Facial can be personalized to address the specific needs of your skin.